Athletics events stole the show at Pontypridd Council's Air Show on Whit Monday 1960.  By their conduct and sportmanship the athletes were a credit to Welsh Athletics and the people of Pontypridd were quick to show their appreciation.







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Troedyrhiw AC decided in 1970 to hold track events at the Afon Taf track instead of their annual road races.

They were run in complete darkness and the timekeepers had to use cigarette lighters to read

their watches.




In 1950 the Welsh AAA instituted a Plaque of Honour for valued services rendered by members and the first award was made posthumously to the late

Mr E W O'Donnell.

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The 76th Welsh Senior XC Champs held at a cold, wet and windy Swansea on

2 Feb 1980 were a bit

of an anti climax.  

Steve Jones and Tony Simmons broke away from the field and decided to

run in together to create the first ever dead heat in the history of the race.

XC Championships


An inaugural South Wales and Monmouthshire Championship was organised by W M Douglas at Ely Racecourse, Cardiff on 7 March 1894, surprisingly on a Thursday afternoon.  The event was again held in 1895, at East Moors, Cardiff although the prefix 'south' had been dropped.  The Welsh Cross Country Association was formed on 12 November 1896 and from then on matters became more formalised.  A championship for juniors started in 1905, for youths (U17) in 1928, boys (U15) in 1955 and finally for colts (U13) in 1969.  Recent research throws some light on the first junior championships.  In order to encourage younger clubs the committee arranged a junior champs for the first time in 1905.  So it would appear that the first junior event was not necessarily determined by age.


A press report states that after a lapse of two years, the Welsh Women's AAA revived their Cross Country Championships with a two mile race held around Glebelands Playing Fields, Newport on 24 April 1965.  There were 6 starters and the result was 1 Pat Sullivan (Westbury) 12:55, 2 Pam Dalton (Roath) 13:35, 3 P Weston (Westbury) 14:06.  The previous event or events have not yet been traced.  With a first full women's international race in Barry in 1967, a trial race was held and the Welsh Women's Cross Country Association was formed in 1968 and that body organised a championship for senior women at Glebelands on 2 March.  Championships for intermediates (U17) and junior girls (U15) started in 1969 and for minor girls (U13) in 1972.  


XC SM XC M23 XC M20 XC M17 XC B15 XC B13 XC SM Teams XC M20 Teams XC M17 Teams XC B15 Teams XC B13 Teams XC G13 XC G15 XC W17 XC W20 XC W23 XC SW XC G13 Teams XC G15 Teams XC W20 W17 Teams XC SW Teams XC W17 Teams



In order to produce male cross country full team lists, research had to be carried out on pre 1976 results (we have full results from 1976 onwards).  Following many, many hours in Cardiff Library looking at old copies of the Western Mail and the South Wales Echo, and many hours of typing, detailed male team lists for the first three teams are now posted.  Please note coverage in the newspapers was very patchy.  For example in 1923, 8 teams finished in the Welsh U20 Champs and full details of all 8 teams was given, but a couple of weeks later for the senior champs there was just a short paragraph with the first 3 individuals named.  Another year there was a very long article which consisted of the following - a weather report, full list of all the officials, a long and very detailed description of the course followed by a very short paragraph about the race itself, naming just the first 3 athletes!  Consequently the lists are not complete - but a decision was made to post the information as it stands.  Hopefully some of you out there can provide us with many of the missing team members and first names.





This event has had a complicated history so read on!  The Welsh Junior XC Championships were first held in 1905 but, despite its name, was not age related.  In 1954 it was decided that the Junior Champs should be confined to athletes aged over 18 and under 21.  A new race would be instigated to replace the former 'Junior' event and would be called simply the Welsh 7M Champs.  There was a further change in 1956 when the term 'Junior' was abandoned and that race was merged with the 7M race.  In 1962 the 7M became 6M and in 1963 the Junior race was reintroduced as an age group, using the current definition for U20s and it has continued ever since.  Meanwhile the 6M was converted to 10K in 1973 and finally discontinued after the 1991 race.  One more fact - this race was originally a barring race whereby all Welsh XC International athletes and members of winning senior teams were not allowed to run.  However this was changed in 1969 when all athletes with a Welsh qualification were allowed to run.  Listed below are the first 3 athletes and full details of the first 3 teams.  The results are not complete so please help us to complete the results by looking up your own records.

XC 6M 10k XC 6m10K Teams





At the AGM on 10 January 1920 it was proposed by Mr Johnson to hold a Novice Champs.  It was resolved to open this race to teams of 8 men (4 to count) from any area in Wales from clubs (athletic or otherwise) whether affiliated to the Association or not and the entry fee per team would be 5 shillings and the race distance would be between 4 and 5 miles.  Novices were defined as 'those who have never won a prize in a club or open race of over half a mile in distance in any event prior to 1st Oct 1919'.  The President J Percy Mountjoy offered £2 and 2 shillings towards the cost of the medals.  The last race was held in 1966.

XC Novices XC Novices Teams



An attempt has been made to list info about the Welsh Inter Counties Champs.  It is not complete and it proved difficult to find first names as athletes were representing their counties, not their clubs.  In 1998 they became the Inter Regional Champs and info is now included about these champs as well.                      

IC XC SM IC XC M20 IC XC M17 IC XC B15 IC XC B13 IC XC SM Team IC XC M20 Team IC XC M17 Team IC XC B15 Team IC XC B13 Team IC XC SW IC XC G13 Teams IC XC W17 IC XC G15 IC XC G13 IC XC SW Teams IC XC W20 Teams IC XC W17 Teams IC XC G15 Teams IC XC W20 IR XC SM IR XC M20 IR XC M17 IR XC B15 IR XC B13 IR XC SM Team IR XC M20 Team IR XC M17 Team IR XC B15 Team IR XC B13 Team IR XC SW IR XC W20 IR XC W17 IR XC G15 IR XC G13 IR XC SW Team IR XC W20 Team IR XC W17 Team IR XC G15 Team IR XC G13 Team