Athletics events stole the show at Pontypridd Council's Air Show on Whit Monday 1960.  By their conduct and sportmanship the athletes were a credit to Welsh Athletics and the people of Pontypridd were quick to show their appreciation.







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Troedyrhiw AC decided in 1970 to hold track events at the Afon Taf track instead of their annual road races.

They were run in complete darkness and the timekeepers had to use cigarette lighters to read

their watches.




In 1950 the Welsh AAA instituted a Plaque of Honour for valued services rendered by members and the first award was made posthumously to the late

Mr E W O'Donnell.

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The 76th Welsh Senior XC Champs held at a cold, wet and windy Swansea on

2 Feb 1980 were a bit

of an anti climax.  

Steve Jones and Tony Simmons broke away from the field and decided to

run in together to create the first ever dead heat in the history of the race.

Road Running Championships

Welsh Marathon

Listed below are the first three athletes in the Welsh Marathon Championships.  Welsh Athletics officials organised the first Welsh Marathon in 1934 because they wanted to find a runner good enough to compete for Wales in the 1934 Commonwealth Games.  The race started at the bottom of Stormy Down, near the railway bridge at Pyle, and continued to the Guildhall in Swansea via Glais and Clydach.  The winner Wilf Short duly represented Wales and finished in an excellent sixth place.  In 1950 the Welsh Marathon was held as part of the Steel Company of Wales' open meeting at Margam.  Tom Richards won the first of his five Welsh Marathon titles in a new Welsh best time of 2:42:53 in front of a crowd of 10,000 spectators !


Congratulations to Richard Gardiner who in 2012 won his fifth Welsh Marathon title, equalling the record set by the two great Welsh athletes, Tom Richards and Ron Franklin, who won their five titles in the 1950s and 1960s respectively.

Marathon SM Marathon SW

Welsh Road Relays

Welsh Road Relay Championships for senior men started in 1968 and for U17 Men in 1969 with the U15 Boys following in 1973 and U13 Boys in 1974.  The senior women started in 1971, with the U17 Women in 1974, U15 Girls in 1971 and U13 Girls in 1973.  Listed below are the first three teams in the championships.  Where known all the team members are listed.  As many of the results do not give first names, strenuous efforts have been made to try and find the missing names and results.  Many thanks to the gang of three from Swansea Harriers (John Griffiths, John Collins and Jock Seaman) who helped with the early missing results for the men.  It is unclear whether the event was held in 2007.  Once again compilers would welcome any missing information in order to give as complete a picture as possible.

Relays SW Relays W17 Relays G15 Relays G13

Welsh 5K

Listed below are the first three in the Welsh 5K Road Running Championships.  The event started as 3 miles for U17 men in 1984.  It was held as part of the very popular Pencoed Road Races which attracted good quality runners.  The event for U17 men included many athletes who went on to perform at the highest level as seniors including Neil Horsfield, Paul Williams and Brian Matthews.  It then became 5K in 1994 and events for the other age groups were then added in 1997, 1998 and 2003.

5K SM 5K M23 5K M20 5K M17 5K SW 5K W23 5K W20 5K W17 Relays SM Relays M17 Relays B15 Relays B13

Welsh 10K

Listed below are the first three in the Welsh 10K Road Running Championships.  The event was first held at Llanelli on 15 April 1984, with championships for men and women and it has been held every year since.    

The fastest male winner is Mike Bishop with 28:34 in 1985 and the fastest woman is Charlotte Arter with 32:49 in 2019.  Interesting titbit - Jacqueline Hulbert Brace finished third in 1985 just 19 days after giving birth to her son!

10K SM 10K SW

Welsh Half Marathon

Listed below are the first three in the Welsh Half Marathon Championships.  The event was first held at Barry on 8 April 1984 and the men's race was won by Dennis Fowles in 63:53.  Steve Brace has won eight of the races.  The fastest time by a woman was 75:49 set by Eryl Davies in 1988, but this was broken by Jenny Nesbit in 2017 with 73:23.  Dewi Griffiths holds the fastest male time with 61:33 in 2017.

Please note that the course in 2010 was short.

Half Mar SM Half Mar SW

Welsh 10 Miles

Listed below are the first three in the Welsh 10 miles Championships.  The event was first held at Bridgend on 11 October 1981 and was won by Ali Cole of Swansea.  Steve Brace has won seven championships and holds the fastest time - 48:10 in 1991 at Pontypridd.  The S4C television presenter Angharad Mair holds the fastest time by a woman - 55:19 in Brecon on 26 July 1998.

10M SM 10M SW Relays B11 Relays G11 1M SM 1M M20 1M M17 1M B15 1M B13 1M SW 1M W20 1M W17 1M G15 1M G13

Welsh One Mile

For the first time Welsh Championships were held over the classic one mile distance for all age groups.  

They  took place during the festival of road running held in Cardiff on the weekend of 5/6 October 2013.