Athletics events stole the show at Pontypridd Council's Air Show on Whit Monday 1960.  By their conduct and sportmanship the athletes were a credit to Welsh Athletics and the people of Pontypridd were quick to show their appreciation.







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Troedyrhiw AC decided in 1970 to hold track events at the Afon Taf track instead of their annual road races.

They were run in complete darkness and the timekeepers had to use cigarette lighters to read

their watches.




In 1950 the Welsh AAA instituted a Plaque of Honour for valued services rendered by members and the first award was made posthumously to the late

Mr E W O'Donnell.

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The 76th Welsh Senior XC Champs held at a cold, wet and windy Swansea on

2 Feb 1980 were a bit

of an anti climax.  

Steve Jones and Tony Simmons broke away from the field and decided to

run in together to create the first ever dead heat in the history of the race.

European Championships

European Outdoor Championships


Listed below are statistics for Welsh representation at the European Outdoor Championships.

Information is given in three different ways: by year, by event and by the number of appearances by athletes.

Portraying the statistics in these different ways is very revealing and highlights our strengths and weaknessess.


There is also an article about our performances at the championships, which has been split into the 1900s (covering the period 1934 - 1998) and the 2000s (2002 to date) for ease of reading.  We have now also added the article for the 2000s in PDF for ease of reading.  We hope visitors to this site will find this information interesting.


Congratulations to Seren Bundy Davies in 2016 - she won Wales' first ever female medal in these Champs.


By Year Males By Event Males By Number Males By Year Females By Event Females By Number Females 1900s 2000s

European Indoor Championships

Listed below are statistics for Welsh representation at the European Indoor Championships.

Information is given in three different ways; by year, by event and by the number of appearances by athletes.

There is also an article about our performances at the championships.  Nigel Walker holds the record for the most number of appearances - six.  Our men have won 6 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals. Seren Bundy Davies won Wales' first individual medal in 2015 (bronze).  The women have 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Congratulations to Melissa Courtney - bronze medal in the 3000m.

E I By Year Males E I By Event Males E I By No Males E I By Year Females E I By Event Females E I By No Females Euro Indoors Article

European U23 Championships


The European U23 Cup was held in 1992 and 1994.  However this was discontinued to be replaced by full championships starting in 1997.  Welsh representatives have won four individual gold medals, in the 400m Hurdles - namely Matthew Elias, Rhys Williams and David Greene and in 2015 by David Omoregie (110mH).

E U23 By Year Males E U23 By Event Males E U23 By No Males E U23 By Year Females E U23 By Event Females E U23 By No Females Euro U23 article

European Junior Championships


European Junior Games were held in 1964, 1966 and 1968 but Britain did not take part.  The first official championships took place in Paris in 1970 and they have been held every two years ever since.  Welsh representatives have won 11 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 6 bronze medals.

EJ By Year Males EJ By No Females EJ By Event Males EJ By No Males EJ By Year Females EJ By Event Females EJ Article

European Team Championships


Bruno Zauli is credited with the idea of a European Nations Cup to take top class athletics into as many European countries as possible.  Sadly he died before the first competition was held in 1965.  However this first event in Stuttgart was a huge success drawing large crowds and close, exciting competition and it was decided to continue with the competition.  Over the years the format for the event has changed many times and has thrown up different off shoots.  Consequently as well as the main Team Championships there is also a Combined Events Cup (1973), a 10,000m Cup (1998) and a Winter Throws Cup (2001).

E Team By Year E Team By Event E Team By No Males E Team By No Fem E Team By ABC Males E Team By ABC Fem E Team 10K E Team CE E Team Throws EC 2000s PDF

European Youth/U18 Championships


Inaugural event in 2016 - Wales wins gold medal

EY By Year Male EY By Event Male EY By No Male EY By Year Fem EY By Event Fem EY By No Fem EY Article EI Article PDF