Athletics events stole the show at Pontypridd Council's Air Show on Whit Monday 1960.  By their conduct and sportmanship the athletes were a credit to Welsh Athletics and the people of Pontypridd were quick to show their appreciation.







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Troedyrhiw AC decided in 1970 to hold track events at the Afon Taf track instead of their annual road races.

They were run in complete darkness and the timekeepers had to use cigarette lighters to read

their watches.




In 1950 the Welsh AAA instituted a Plaque of Honour for valued services rendered by members and the first award was made posthumously to the late

Mr E W O'Donnell.

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The 76th Welsh Senior XC Champs held at a cold, wet and windy Swansea on

2 Feb 1980 were a bit

of an anti climax.  

Steve Jones and Tony Simmons broke away from the field and decided to

run in together to create the first ever dead heat in the history of the race.

Indoor Championships


The first indoor meeting held in Wales was on a 160 yard wooden floor in the main Gym at RAF St Athan on 28 November 1957.  From 23 January 1965 meetings were staged on a 190 yard concrete floor in an adjoining building.


The first Welsh Indoor Championships were held there on 14/15 March 1970 and they continued to be staged at St Athan until 1991 (except 1975-1979).  After that limited events were held at various venues until the opening of the NIAC at UWIC in 2000.

For each event in each age group, the first three Welsh athletes are listed with clubs/schools and performances.


A great deal of research has been carried out to produce these lists and this is the first time that this information has appeared.  Early results rarely gave first names and efforts have been made to find them.  The lists are not complete so any amendments would be most welcome.


2020 Championships now included

SM 50/60m SM 150/200m SM 300/400m SM 600/800m SM 1K/1500m SM 3000m SM Steeplechase SM 60m H SM HJ SM PV SM TJ SM LJ SM SP SM CE M20 PV M20 150/200m M20 3000m M20 300/400m M20 600/800m M20 60m H M20 1K/1500m M20 50/60m M20 HJ M20 SP M20 LJ M20 TJ M20 CE M17 50/60m M17 1K/1500m M17 150/200m M17 2K/3000m M17 300/400m M17 Steeplechase M17 HJ M17 600/800m M17 PV M17 LJ M17 60m H M17 TJ M17 SP M17 CE B15 50/60m B15 300/400m B15 60m H SW 60mH B15 150/200m B15 3000m B15 1K/1500m SW HJ SW PV B15 SP B15 LJ B15 PV B13 150/200m B13 CE B13 60m H B13 50/60m B13 HJ B13 600/800m B13 SP B13 LJ SW 600/800m SW 1K/1500m SW 3000m B13 1K/1500m SW 300/400m SW 150/200m SW 50/60m B15 HJ B15 600/800m B15 CE SW CE SW SP SW LJ SW TJ W20 800m W20 400m W20 200m W20 60m W20 PV W20 HJ W20 60m H W20 LJ W20 3000m W20 CE W20 SP W20 TJ W20 1500m W17 150/200m W17 60m H W17 300m W17 HJ W17 3000m W17 50/60m W17 600/800m W17 PV W17 LJ W17 1K/1500m W17 CE W17 SP W17 TJ G15 LJ G15 PV G15 HJ G15 60m H G15 3000m G15 1K/1500m G15 600/800m G15 300m G15 150/200m G15 50/60m G15 CE G15 SP G13 CE G13 SP G13 LJ G13 HJ G13 60m H G13 1K/1500m G13 600/800m G13 150/200m G13 50/60m M20 2000m